N7 Creamery is an authentic promise of quality. Our commitment to you and to food is three-fold: our product is always made in-house, it is created daily to ensure optimal freshness, and is composed of responsibly sourced ingredients from partners that are dedicated to ethical business and wholesome farming practices. We never stray from this standard of excellence and firmly believe anyone doing food, should be held to these same standards as well.

  1. Seek to do no harm and have only positive impact on those we work with and serve.
  2. Recognize and work in co-operation with nature as the single most important source of life and the ingredients we use in our food.
  3. Love and support our farmers, ranchers, and beekeepers who are the cultivators and caretakers of the ingredients nature provides. 
  4. Enrich the lives of our staff members, by teaching strong work and life ethics which will empower them for years to come.
  5. Empower the lives of our patrons through education and meaningful opportunities to take action and transform their lives and the lives of others.

When we started this enterprise, we had to decide the best method to begin spreading this message. We chose to begin simply, and cater to the epicurean side of human nature that cries out for a comfortable place, friendly people, and delicious treats to pass the time. We turned our attention to our favorite things; coffee, science, Pate Brisse, and finding new ways to feature awesome local ingredients. N7, creamery, cafe, and bakery was born.

While the food is premium, it's the people involved that matter the most. When people prepare something, they infuse a little bit of themselves in the final product. The most important component to creating something incredible, is the heart of the person behind the process. We at N7 love what we do, from the farm, to our kitchen, to your hands, every step is very carefully planned and coordinated to make sure you leave feeling full not just of good wholesome food, but of the same love that we try to embody every day. N7 Creamery is about investing in your community, investing in your food, and investing in your relationship with both.

Thanks for being an essential part of all of this.