What’s With All the Savory Food at N7?

As a customer walking into my shop, N7 Creamery,  you may have noticed that our menu is slowly growing larger than just our staples like ice cream and scones, to include weird coffee combinations like Horchata Cold Brew and hot food that doesn’t follow any specific genre. This isn't JUST driven by a desire to make money and hit new market segments, although that definitely is part of it! Instead, it’s an intentional step away from what would normally be expected of us.

The N7 staff is made up of a bunch of people that really love making and eating good food. Within that staff there are people that have specific interests normally outside of what is on the menu of a regular cafe/ice cream parlor. Instead of trying to keep our people focused on making stuff that the public is expecting and ready for, we encourage everyone to throw as many ideas at the board as possible to see what sticks. That's why there are weeks that we have traditional Mexican food and Asian fried rice and eggs on the same brunch menu. It’s also why occasionally we make an ice cream flavor that isn't within the bounds of a normal ice cream shop offering. This has been incredibly well received by the community the last year and a half, so we are stoked to stretch a little farther.

The most recent manifestation of this is our Thursday night dinners. A few weeks ago I accidentally wrote a menu with my prep cook Sahil that was 100 % old world Italian food! This wasn't an intentional plan but just kind of what happened to be on our minds when we sat down together. I served the food that really spoke to me when I was falling in love with cooking on our first savory night! The next week, there was Albondigas Soup and Pork Shoulder Street Tacos. This is Tom’s home turf and you can taste that he loves to prepare it. This week Kel doing Asian fusion with a vegetarian main dish and pork belly lettuce wraps. Not the usual offering from your local creamery! The reason for all of variety this is pretty simple. There will be a different group of people preparing your food every week and we want them to cook from the heart.

We have 3 managers and 3 prep cooks in the kitchen to cover all the shifts it takes to run this place. These people, myself included, came from different backgrounds and all have skills and specialties that aren't totally related to ice cream or baked goods. Plus our baristas have lots of unique ideas to share. So on Thursdays, we’re going to group the staff up and let them sell whatever they want as long as it follows the three rules all of our menu decisions are based on: the ingredients are ethically sourced,  the food tastes really, REALLY, good, and we make money to sustain our business. We still respect the old rule that “if it ain’t broken, don't fix it” so you can bet  that Salted Caramel isn't coming off the menu unless it stops being our best selling ice cream. But in the interest of fostering the creativity of everyone that works here, we're going to keep trying new stuff until the day the shop closes... and then for 5 or 10 more minutes after that!


-Andrew Cox, Head Chef of N7 Creamery